Module Reflection

What I have enjoyed

  • During this Module I have enjoyed experimenting with different illustration techniques. This is not something I have done previously so I found it interesting to develop new skills other than photoshopping photographs.
  • I have also enjoyed researching the topic of data protection and cyber crime. The more I researched, the more I became interested in the subject. I had little knowledge of the subject before this module, apart from what I had heard and read on news websites previously, but these news stories offered little detail into internet groups and the deep web.

What I have found difficult

  • The most difficult part of this module was finding somebody to interview that had first hand experience of cyber crime and the deep web. The whole point of a hacker and internet groups is that they are anonymous, so it would be difficult to get to talk to somebody. This made me realise that I needed to talk to somebody who had knowledge of these topics and represented the legal side, the side protecting the public against cyber criminals. I had heard about Gary Hibberd from somebody who attended a talk he presented on data protection.

What I have gotten better at

  • Even though I have always enjoyed writing, I’ve been aware throughout university that my photography is stronger than my journalistic writing. However this module has given me the opportunity to improve my journalism skills, this is the first time that I have researched a topic in such depth and conducted professional interviews with somebody that I did not have prior knowledge of or already know.
  • As I said before, the use of illustration in my articles has enabled me to try new things creatively. I shall continue to experiment with digital illustration in the future.

If I were to do this module again

  • If I were to re sit this module I would spend more time on the planning stage of my artefact. I now realise that I was too confident at first about the my article, I had not given enough thought into how the two topics of my 5000 word article would combine to create something that flowed and didn’t seem too cut and stuck together. If I had spent more time researching before writing I think I would of been able to spot my mistakes early on.

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