Changes to my article

During the writing of my article, I began to notice that there were two different stories going on. One was that of data protection and ways to combat cyber crime, and the other was that of Anonymous, and similar internet groups. I was finding it difficult to link the two parts of the article together so I decided to split the article into two separate articles instead.

The first article will be titled Swimming In Dark Waters, and will contain an interview with Gary Hibbard about the dangers ofcyber crime and the deep web.


The second article will focus on the rise of Anonymous and will contain the publics comments in form of reddit comments on a question I posted, it will also contains Gary Hibbard’s view on internet groups like Anonymous.

who is anonymous

I feel that splitting the article will stop my writing from jumping around too much, and will mean that I won’t have to force two different stories together into the same piece.


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