Interview reflection

Today I received a reply from Gary Hibbard, my interview source. Over the last week he has been writing up answers to the following questions:

  • What kind of impact can Anonymous have on our society? (are they the ‘digital Robin Hoods’ and ‘freedom fighters’ their supporters hail them to be, or the ‘cyber lynch mob’ and ‘terrorists’ their critics label them as?)
  • What does the future hold for digital security? Cyber crime is something most people know nothing about, what can the average person do to protect their data and privacy from hackers?
  • Is it feasible to combat cyber criminals in our current situation (budget issues and lack of public knowledge)
  • What kind of legality surround sites like ‘SilkRoad’ and navigating the deep web using tools such as ‘TOR’?

What I received from Gary exceeded what I had expected. I was expecting 300 or 400 words, but received over 1,600 words. He has more than supplied me with the information I need to have an ‘insiders’ perspective on cyber crime and data protection and given me a much more in-depth article than it was previously.

I knew that the interview was key for the article to have its own journalistic merit, and now I am confident I can deliver a informative and entertaining article that will be of genuine interest.


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