Article Scope Change

The problem I have had with this module is that the topic is so vast, I was struggling to find a specific area to focus intently on, without making it too remote from my work from last semester. I feel that I have now sorted this problem after speaking to my interview source. My initial ideas for the article was going to be that it would be an ethical question of censorship, however it seems obvious now that this just is not specific enough for a genuine magazine article. I need to write something that informs and still entertains. I have no doubts that my focus are now can do that.

The subject of data protection is something that the average person knows nothing about. It sounds boring and uninteresting but this subject opens the door to a different world. The world of the deep web. I want to take my readers on a journey through this world, and I feel that my interviewee is the key to this, speaking to somebody who has an expert professional knowledge and a passion for the topic means that I have a brilliant insight, which in turn means my readers have the same.

My article will still touch on the ethical question of censorship, but the major focus will be on informing the reader about the real online world. A world where they feel they might not be as secure as they had hoped.


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