Week 8 In Progress Presentation

Today I had my in progress presentation to Honey and Alison. I had created an 8 slide presentation that I will post below here. I was feeling confident that my idea had taken better shape since last talking with my tutors however I knew there were still things I needed to work on. The presentation was going ok until we reached my Gantt Chart section. This module is my weakest, a  lack of understanding of the software meant that I was unable to show Alison what she wanted to see quickly. Because I have been working on my mac, I have to swap over to windows to work on the gantt chart, this made it difficult to add the Gantt Chart to my presentation. I was forced to log into my google drive on Alison’s computer during the presentation and download the project file, this wasted time and meant that I ran out of time during my presentation. Even though the presentation itself didn’t go too well, I know feel more confident about my final piece. This is because I had been planning to write 5000 words with 5 accompanying images, however Honey said that she though my photograph ideas were strong enough for 15 images. So my article will now be 3500 words with 15 images.

My presentation:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8


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