Mask has arrived! – shoot plan.

6 Weeks after I placed the order for the Anonymous mask, it finally turned up! So I have booked the studio booked out on Tuesday 1st April 9am-10:30.

These are going to be the images I use to introduce Anonymous in my article. I am planning on setting the camera up and photographing myself, I realised a model was not needed when I would be wearing a mask. My friend Rob will be helping me set up the studio and he will stand in my place so I can work out focus and exposure settings and so on.

The major reason for photographing myself wearing the mask is because I want the person to look like Anonymous repressive that the group like to have out there, and that is dressed smart, wearing a suit. I think this is because they want to appear serious and not a joke politically. However when most protesters turn up, they are not wearing such clothing. So instead of finding a model with a suit I am going to wear mine and wear the mask myself. Below are some images are similar to what I am wanting.

anonymous-image 23189900-vertical-portrait-of-a-business-guy-staring-from-behind-anonymous-mask Anonymous hacktivist


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