My idea for my essay

There is no such thing as privacy in the online age.


The article I am writing is about the censorship of information, so I want to explore this idea from a different perspective for the extended essay.

Whilst my article is about governments censoring the public’s access to information, I want to write my essay about how some people do not censor information about themselves.

It has been reported by The Guardian that nearly 1 in 10 children have a mobile phone by age 10, and the average age for children to have a mobile is 11. It is only the very recent generation that has had access to this technology at such a young age.

Without thinking about possible future repercussions, many young people do not think twice about uploading personal information about themselves onto the internet. With social media and instant messaging so popular today, young people are connected much more than they ever were in the past.

I want to explore this topic and find arguments both for and against the idea that there can be no such thing as online privacy.


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