Today we took the first step into making our Gantt Chart more professional by adding a baseline. I added a baseline to the Gantt Chart I created last semester but by the time this is done, it will be easily 4 times the size and complexity of last semesters plan.

A baseline allows you to track how far you are through your project and if you running on, behind or in front of schedule.

I talked to Alison about how I was doing with detailing my plan, she seemed happy about how I was doing, she said that my chart was looking fine.

The next step for my chart is to make sure I have not over allocated my time across my project. At the moment, a lot of my chart is underlined in red to say I have set work on days I should not of. I shall go through my chart and, where possible, change these dates to make my plan more realistic and give myself some inbuilt slack to work on my project if things take longer than I had anticipated.


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