Extended essay lecture + seminar 18/2/14

What is culture?

What are cultural essays?

Culture –

  • Refers to the intellectual spiritual and aesthetic development of an individual group or society.
  • Describes a range of intellectual and artistic activities and their products. in this usage culture is more or less synonymous with ‘the arts’.
  • Designates the activities, beliefs and customs of a people, group or society.
  • Culture is not a way of life, it tends to oppose social structures.
  • Culture is the ideal, the spiritual the non-material. it is a pattern of beliefs values and signs.

Tattoos & subculture

We are currently going through a ‘tattoo¬†renaissance’ during the later half of the 1900’s, tattoos started to become more socially accepted. The negative connotations associated with tattoos are slowly disappearing with more and more people finding them socially acceptable. Especially in the topic of


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