Exhibition location

Today we looked at 2 hopeful venues for the exhibition. We all met at the Corn Exchange in Leeds centre to have a look around. I have been to the Corn Exchange a few times before and my concern was that it did not seem very busy whenever I had been in there. However after looking round, it became clear that the venue was very well suited to our needs. With plenty of space for all 44 of us, toilet facilities, available food from the shops above and the reputation that the Exchange has.

Below are some photos of the downstairs area where the exhibition would take place.

1621956_10202420039155375_1959990990_n 1660835_10202420040635412_1870883256_n 1939524_10202420038395356_190669325_n 16673_10202420039875393_644643487_n 1975083_10202420036155300_665719694_n 10785_10202420036755315_1482596173_n

We also went to look at another venue after leaving the Corn Exchange. The Heart in Headingley is a building that houses small exhibitions and local community classes. As we were walking round it soon became clear that the area was unsuitable for our exhibition, there was simply not enough space to house every bodies work, and the location of the room was too out of way of general public to gain any passer by attention. We took their details just in case, but so far, the Corn Exchange is clearly the most ideal place to have our exhibition.


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