17/2/14 Presentation layout

My final artefact will be a 5000 word magazine article with 5 photographs.

Slide 1: Cover image – boy with tape over mouth, symbolism for censorship. Freedom of speech.

Slide 2: It will be aimed at a young audience who are interested in the topic of censorship and freedom of information. Recently more young people are taking an interest in this, especially online, with groups like Anonymous gaining popularity amongst those who think the government is not doing what it should. Answers from Reddit question, proof that young people are interested.

Slide 3: The Magazine. Examples of magazines my article could feature in.

Slide 4: Focus of article (the difference between countries like the UK, North Korea and China.

Slide 5: Photographs (plan, storyboards)

Slide 6: Why people would read my article, political point of view of younger generation


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