Exhibition Tutorial 5/2/14

Exhibition Plan

stage 1: strategic plan – Feb 2014

stage 2: tactical planning feb – March 2014

stage 3: tactical realisation – April 2014

stage 4: promotion –

stage 5: practical realisation –

stage 6: installation –

stage 7: exhibition ready –

Things to think about:


  • Electricity
  • Bar
  • Accessibility (parking, disabled access)
  • Space (Needs to be capable of displaying 44 photographer’s work.)
  • Constraints on building
  • Price (venue costs, sponsors) Need to think about fundraising, budget, publicity.
  • Lighting
  • Footfall

Task 1: To be completed for 12th February 

  • Research and make a list of possible venues/spaces to visit in Leeds to show your exhibition in may 2014. This should include conventional and alternative spaces.
  • Put together a short CV/blog  of your work to include 3 pictures and a statement about it.
  • Start your notebook and include this information in it.



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