Website Feedback

I asked people to give me feedback on my site. To get a fair review of it I asked some people to look at the computer version and other people to look at the mobile version.


Feedback 1

I like the simplistic design of the website. Having only two colours works well. the lack of complexity makes it easy to navigate and soft on the eye. The quirky personal features, such as “this is the start of a beautiful relationship” message on the contact page adds a nice touch that makes it feel less corporate.

The blog page could benefit from an archive feature, letting you quickly navigate to old posts without having to scroll down through everything. There are a few layout issues, such as the drop down menu’s at the top appearing too far from the headers, but this isn’t too much of an issue

Feedback 2

Really like the logo, although I would make bigger if possible. What kind of content do you mean in this: “Jordan Smith is a photographer and designer based in Leeds. He has produced content for a number of companies including the National Health Service and the Prince of Wales Hospice Pontefract.”

Feedback 3

‘I think you could do with more portraits because thats a big area people want photographers for. Also I think this is a bit informal compared with the rest of the website ‘Drop me a message. Go on.’

Feedback 4

  • Very neat
  • Simplistic with the black and white colour scheme
  • Put a lot of effort into the logo – pays off
  • In logo the bottom section almost looks like a moustache – hipster/very on trend
  • Almost a vintage feel with the fonts used on logo


The front page is great, easy to see and load on mobile internet. No need to scroll on the front page which I think is great. Maybe you could hyperlink your name/image and have a click through to your about me page? Just a thought. Then layout of the images on the pages are clear and easy to see. Easy to scroll through too and to say the files will be quite big they loaded very quickly. I like the fact that your menu is grouped into specific image types/projects. Makes it easy to find what I think would interest me. For example I clicked first on your landscapes and then your 360 degree file. theres a good variety of images on each of them and you show proof of your editing skills which is good

What I have done to improve my site.

It seems that the majority of the feedback is positive, the choice of keeping the colour scheme every simple is popular and I think this is due to it making the website sleeker and less cluttered.

There are mixed reviews about the contact page, some people like the informality of the message ”Drop me a message, Go on.” whilst some think it is too informal. The reason I added things like this and the image of myself that I chose in particular is because I did not want my site to seem too ‘run of the mill’ portfolio website. I want my personality to show through my site. I think i’m going to keep this in as the majority like it.

The main problem I have heard a few people say is the distance in between the categories on the top and the drop down menu when you hover your mouse over it

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 13.06.19

However squarespace does not give me the option to reduce the amount any more than I already have, I tired to add social links in the gap between my logo and the photograph however this does not fill the gap there but made it wider the accommodate the social links.

There was another problem with my blog page where placeholder text was visible on the right hand side.

Screen Shot 2013-11-28 at 21.40.05

I found the reason for this and deleted it. I’m glad this was pointed out to me as I had not realised it what there.


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