Objective 2: To discover who decides what is appropriate for different audiences

Government Bodies

O’Neill, B. (2012) Rating Movies. The Spectator, p.53.
”’The Ferman attitude has no place in the 21st century, ‘ he says. He’s referring to the late James Ferman, director of the BBFC from 1975 to 1999. Ferman was, as he himself admitted in the mid-1990s, ‘the last of the old-fashioned regulators’, the last of those 20th-century moral gatekeepers who believed they had the right to tell us what we could watch.”
”’We want to reflect what the public feels, not tell it what to think.”
”The BBFC now passes uncut even sexually explicit films such as Michael Winterbottom’s 9 Songs (2004).”

Pressure Groups

Johnson, B. (2012) Book review: Film and Video Censorship in Modern Britain. Crime, Media, Culture, 8 (3), pp.371–374.

”DailyMail’s newspaper headline in 1983, ‘We Must Protect Our Children Now’. Highlighting the prominent theme of the ‘threatened family’’

Murfitt, N. (2008) I Thought Mary Whitehouse Was Just a Busy Body Who Spoiled All Our Fun–Until I Played Her on Tv. Mail on Sunday, p.76.

”She was so loathed by former BBC Director General Sir Hugh Carleton Greene — whom she once described as the ‘devil incarnate’ — that he owned a portrait of her naked with five breasts.”

”The TV watershed was because of her — and as much as I support freedom of expression, I believe that children should be protected from things they are not emotionally equipped to deal with. And it was Mary Whitehouse who first campaigned against child pornography.” – Julie Walters

”Mrs Whitehouse figured highly in my teens and 20s. We were told the sexual revolution was about to happen, but she always seemed like a busybody spoiling all the fun.” – Julie Walters


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