Building each page of the website.

Now my website is pretty much built, the only things left I have to do are tweaking parts of the pages, here is what is featured on each page of my website. I shall talk about what I like most about my site and any problems I encountered whilst building it.

Welcome Page


The homepage of the website, this page is the first thing you see when visiting my site. I had used this image before as the banner across the top of my university blog, so converting the image to this page was not difficult. I also added links to my social media accounts; Instagram, Twitter and my 500PX account, as I thought these would be appropriate and of interest to anybody visiting my website. This page is not linked, meaning that There is no category for it along the top. You only see this page when you first go to the website and if you click the logo in the top left corner.



I had an ‘about me’ page on my university blog, however here I have not mentioned that I am a student, I wanted to advertise myself in a way that wasn’t the typical ‘student photographer’.

I mentioned the companies that I have produced photographs and video content for, this is of interest to my visitors because they are high profile companies that the majority of people will have heard of.

The image I used is the image from my podcast (The Jordan Smith Podcast) which visitors will be able to listen to.



The drop down menu under the title ‘Photography’ is my complete collection of work that I have produced, whether it be for companies, university work or personal projects. I organised my photographs into categories so my visitors could view my portfolio section at a time to avoid the website looking messy. The only problem I encountered here was collecting all of my work. It is only recently I have acquired a safe place to store my work locally. It took me a while to find everything that I had saved separately online and organise it into categories.



The three videos presented in the ‘Video’ drop down menu were either pieces I had personally produced or been featured in. The ‘Prince of Wales video Hospice’ video was a piece I helped create in 2010 for the local hospice near where I live. I worked in a team to produce and edit the product. I created graphics, conducted interviews, filmed and directed the video and also star in the opening scene sat on the chairs in the lobby.

The ‘DSLR film’ video was made this year as an example of some of the basic techniques you can use when using a simple DSLR to film with.

The video on the ‘presenting’ tab is a piece made for the Met Online, I co-presented this with another university student and the video was featured on the Met Online website and the YouTube channel.



In my second year of university I worked in a team with three other students to create a sports and technology magazine. As a group we decided what content we would produce and who would take responsibility for what. These layouts are the ones that I did. I wrote the articles, took the photographs and designed the layout using Adobe InDesign.



The podcast portion of my site is currently unavailable, my podcast is a personal project away from university that is currently in production and as soon as it is ready I shall embed the podcast video. For now, there is a message saying ‘Coming soon…’.



For the curation portion of my website I decided to create an article piece on the Thought Bubble Festival, the subject of my multimedia news piece I am creating for university. This enabled me to gather needed information for my article and I then displayed it in a way that people would find interesting. I found using Storify difficult as the search engine it uses does not bring up all of the content that a normal Google search does. This meant that when I had already found a news article, tweet or video that I wanted to feature in my curation, I sometimes found it difficult to then find it inside Storify.



This page enables my visitors to email me any comments for questions. It also serves as a way for potential clients to get in contact. I also included another set of links to the appropriate social media accounts.



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