Shoot Evaluation

I think my shoot went very well. It took us around 2 hours to get to Malham, we parked in the village and then hiked up to the top of the cove.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 13.36.04

We stayed for around 4 hours, which meant we had the opportunity to explore the limestone pavement and find the most scenic areas to shoot. This also meant that the light changed quite drastically while we were there. This meant that I could shoot my multiplicity shots in good light, and then have lower light to make my slow shutter shots of the river much easier.

I decided to take my heavy tripod,rather than my lightweight one, as I anticipated high winds at the top of the cove, and I needed the camera to be absolutely still in-between shots, and especially when taking slow shutter exposures.

I did not encounter any problems during my shoot, everything went how we had planned and I am very happy with how my images turned out. They are suitable for my chosen publication of a local travel magazine, and could also be featured in a larger landscape magazine.

If I was to do anything differently I would want to arrive very early, the cove and the surrounding landscapes look best in early morning light and just before sunset. If I had the technology available and if it were practical, I would of loved to set up a camera to film a panorama time-lapse of the pavement and the surrounding hills.


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