Mobile Version

I am aware that the majority of traffic to my website will be from a PC or laptop, however my site is set up to work on all popular mobile devices including iPhone and Android phones.

I went onto my website using my phone to see how the menus worked and to check if everything looked as I wanted it to.

I really like the home screen on the mobile version. The phone I was using has a relatively small screen and it all fit just about perfectly, this means that the majority of people visiting my page from a phone will be able to see my welcome page in its entirety without scrolling up or down.


However, clicking on the menu bar at the top allows you to see the subcategories of my website. Instead of the 8 main pages that can be seen when you visit the PC version, on the mobile version it lists all of the individual pages in those categories. Meaning that it looks quite unorganised and you are forced to scroll down the list to view the page you want. I have tried to change this but Sqaurespace does not give you the option to have your pages organised into categories like the PC version enables you to.


Another feature that does not work as well as I would of hopes is the design pages. viewing Energize Magazine on the phone is difficult as the pages do not fit on the screen meaning the writing is too small to read.

IMG_2156 IMG_2155

The gallery pages work well. The images load fast due to the image rescaling I did to ensure large file sizes would not hinder those visiting using their phones internet signal and not wifi.


I also like the curation page, on the phone it spreads the width of the screen and looks neat and organised. Like the blog page, each post is on top of one another meaning there is no need to scroll to the left or right when on a phone.



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