Art Direction Task

My plan, at first, for the art direction task was to do a shoot inspired by Joel-Peter Witkin. His images were editing to look like they were post mortem photographs and have a very disturbing aspect to them. I had planned on taking images of still life such as fruit and food, then placing the image of a head in the bowl to look like the head was part of the still life. However I then came across something that couldn’t of been further from this idea.

smART cLASS is a website dedicated to getting children involved in art and one idea I came across while on it was to involve a child’s art in your photography. I have a young niece who was visiting at the time and I thought this was a perfect opportunity to create something that she would like.

My niece loves painting and rainbows. So I thought I would combine these two and create an image of her painting a rainbow in the sky.

Here is my story board image demonstrating what I wanted my image to look like:


I thought this would be fairly easy to achieve. The back garden had a nice fence that cuts off the sky meaning it would be easy to have the rainbow disappear behind it. The only trouble would be getting my niece to stay still long enough to take the photograph.

Here is my final image:


I am very happy with how it turned out, it was fairly easy to do and I have created something not only for my own portfolio, but something my family enjoy too.


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