What Websites to use

I’ve been looking at what websites I want to use for my portfolio.

There are many websites that enable you to create an online portfolio such as SquareSpace, Portfoliobox and Wix.

The first one I looked at was SquareSpace, it seems fairly easy to use and allows users to build the website then pay for it if they are satistfied with how it looks. The website provides a list of templates you can choose from, each having both a normal website and a mobile website for such devices as smartphones and tablets.

The second website I looked at was Portfoliobox. This site is similar to SqaureSpace, it gives the user freedom to create their website with the added feature of embedding such things as headers and logos. However I signed up to have a quick go and I found it hard to change pages and get my portfolio how I wanted it to look. I found the controls on SqaureSpace much easier.

Wix was the final site I looked at. I’ve had experience with Wix before and could remember that I found it very limiting, however this was a number of years ago so I decided to see what they had done with the site since. It was a lot better than when I first used it but I still found that the websites looked very simplistic and Wix advertises on your webpage, taking up quite a lot of space.

I have decided to use Squarespace for my website.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 09.47.20


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