Multiplatform Journalism Session 1:

  • What does multiplatform journalism mean to you?
  • How does it benefit us? Information available  to us no everywhere we are.
  • Examples of multiplatform journalism (Cross-media)
  • Different types of multiplatform technology devices (audio & video) Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, DVDS, MP3 music/Podcasts, animation, billboards.
  • What technology do we use on a typical day? laptops and desktop computers at home or business. Smartphones whilst traveling. MP3, Podcasts. Portable Gaming.
  • What do I use to gather information, entertainment, News.
  • Social media (Facebook, Twitter)

ipad: Flipboard, Buzzfeed: Tailored to the users interests. Answer questions when you sign up about what you are interested in (News, Politics, Film, Arts, Science) and receive regularly updated news and stories about those specific areas. Means a much more enjoyable experience as the user is not given information that they do not want or are not interested in.

Think about topic of pitch, 2-3 minutes long. Local or national Current affairs.


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