How to write an Abstract

An abstract is a summary of what’s going to be in the paper. It’s purpose is to give the reader an accurate description of what will be in the paper.

Questions that must be answered in the abstract:

  • Why are you doing it?
  • What’s the topic?
  • How are you going to collect the data?
  • What results have you found? What is your summary?
  • What conclusions have you made?

Things to consider:

  • Don’t use jargon
  • don’t say it improved significantly, say it improved by *%
  • One paragraph around 150-250 words
  • Don’t be descriptive, it is important to be informative and summarise your work.
  • Don’t put ‘will be discussed’, write concrete results.
  • Abstract’s should be informative both to experts and people who are just interested in the topic

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