Professional Portfolio Week 1 – Website Review

Portfolio website reviewing.


Photographer: Rankin

Name of website: 

Images: A vast collection of very professional images, ranging from portrait photographs of celebrities, politicians  and royalty, to images taken for use in advertisments for large companies.

Type/Font: Small, thin, Stylish. Well contrasted against white background.

Colour: White, simple but looks professional and neat.

Usability: Images are categorised and easy to find. Images can be viewed as part of a carousel or as thumbnails, meaning the user has more control over how they wish to view the images.

Overall Thoughts: Very well made website, easy to use and displays a large amount of images without making the website too crowded. It has shown me that the key to a well made website is simplicity, the easier it is for the audience to find your images and look at them, without the screen being full of adverts or unnecessary items. This rarely comes most free portfolio websites, however I think is closest to this in the sense it has a very simple layout and looks stylish.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 15.11.26

Sarah Hoey is a young self portrait photographer from Illinois. She uses the website 500.px as her portfolio website. This is a great site to use for photographers as it focuses on the presentation of images, very little text.

Images: A large amount of impressive self portraits. Shows a very good knowledge of editing techniques. Having the photographs laid out like this to begin with allows the audience to see your collection without any real effort. You can then click on each image to enlarge and vote/favourite the image.

Type/Font: N/A (no writing on 500.PX)

Colour: White, simple but looks professional and neat.

Usability: 500.PX is extremely easy to navigate, you can view the photographers portfolio, look at any stories they may have put together and view the images that they have favourited taken by other photographers.

Overall Thoughts: 500.PX is the website I use to display my work, I find it the best free portfolio website out there. Has a strong community sense as you can follow other people to receive a constant feed of their work. 500.PX also tailors the website so it brings you images it thinks you will be interested in based on what you have previously voted on and liked.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 15.37.18

Paul Wilkinson’s website is a good example of a photographer who is advertising his images to potential clients.

Images:  collection of wedding, baby and commercial photographs. Well presented in a format where you have one image large, and the option to select the next image yourself from a list next to it.

Type/Font: Easy to read, either black on white, or white on grey.

Colour: White and grey, simple but looks professional and neat.

Usability: Images are well presented and easy to navigate, the images are grouped together by categories such as ‘Wedding’ ‘Baby’ and ‘commercial’

Overall Thoughts: 


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