Photoshoot Reflection

I have now got all my images needed for my articles.

For the Music article I had planned on taking an image of somebody running, either on a treadmill or on the road, whilst listening to music.


However I decided to try and create a small makeshift studio using a yoga workout mat with a curve at the back. I set up some lamps to regulate how much light I wanted on the objects.

I propped up an iPhone against a dumbbell, whilst it was playing some running music, with the headphones wrapped around the hand grip of the dumbbell.

Here is the Image I am using for the Music article:

How Important Is Music To Your Workout?

How Important Is Music To Your Work

Then for the app review pages I took similar style Images, propping the iPhone with the relevant app running, these images will be places next to the review for each of them.

Runtastic Pro:


Situps Pro:


My Fitness Pal:

my fitness pal


Although these images are fit for purpose, if I were to do this project again I would perhaps create more aesthetically pleasing images to create a more interesting layout.


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