Editorial meeting

This week we compared our pages and made some decisions on some of the smaller aspects, such as the line at the bottom of each page with the page number and details of the website. Unfortunately I left my memory stick with my work on in wakefield so I was unable to show much, apart from what I had done on my music page this morning. I shall finish the music article tomorrow and be ready to print that on fridays session

We also came up with these set of rules to adire to when designing our pages

Body copy:

  • Size 9.
  • Helvetica.
  • 3 columns or suited to layout.
  • Justified.
  • Last line aligned left.
  • Drop caps: three lines.
  • Glyph: Lightening Bolt

Side borders:

  • Cover feature: Blue.
  • Opinion: Green.
  • Features: Red.
  • Reviews: Yellow.

Page header/footer:

  • Helvetica Neue.
  • From edge to centre: Page number, website/twitter, date.

Title copy:

  • Size 60.
  • Font Helvetica Neue unless not suited with layout.
  • Capital letters only for main feature/sports personality piece.

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