Editorial meeting 12th April

First day back after the Easter break and back to work. This week we are finalising the draft stage of our magazine, by next wednesday we aim to have a full draft copy of the magazine.

Over the easter holidays I have had to make some major changes to my ideas, I had planned on doing a double page spread of upcoming gadgets out this year, but the companies did not reply to the requests I sent to use press release photographs, so I have decided to make the music playlist page a double page spread, with the left page having a longer article about the benefits of using music during your workout, the then right page having a breakdown of the playlist itself. I talked to Erik and he is happy for me to do the app review double page spread by myself and he is going to add another page to his cycling articles.

Beth came back from Plymouth with the shots for her interview and the front cover. We realised there may be a problem with the shot for the front cover, on Tonia’s costume you can see the olympic rings,

Olympic Rings

Olympic Rings











We thought that this may breach copyright law so we decided to do some research on this but were met with this from of the official olympic page for use of the rings:

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 13.05.45

Which cleared everything up…

However we have looked at other examples of front covers that feature the olympic rings on clothing and such so we decided to leave the symbol there.


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