Editorial Meeting

In this weeks session we wrote our 400 word pitch for our magazine, ready to present to the group in next weeks session.

We also finalised who was doing what in terms of magazine content. I shall be reviews for two fitness apps available on the Apple app store, and Android market.

The two apps I shall be reviewing are both created by fitness company Runtastic. I chose these apps because I have used them personally so I have a good knowledge of them, which means I will be able to write a truthful review, rather than just using it a few times so I could write about it. I shall also be doing a piece on upcoming gadgets that will be available during the next year.

We also made a rough flat plan on paper, this helped us visualise what the magazine will look like and in what order our pieces should go in.

Beth will be interviewing diver Tonia Couch, who will be featured on our front cover. Rob will be writing an opinion piece on goal line technology and its place in profesional football. Erik will also be reviewing two apps, this will tie in with my review and we will choose the best overall. Erik is also writing a piece on cycling and what gadgets are available to people who want to keep track of their progress.


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