Deconstructing a magazine

Here I deconstruct both an example of an existing magazine, Empire Magazine, and our own magazine, Energize.

Empire Magazine

Why I chose it

I chose Empire Magazine because I am interested in keeping up to date with the film and TV industry, insights into the business and finding out what will be coming out in the future.

What type of magazine is it?

Consumer – mainly reviews of films currently been shown or soon to be released, interviews with stars and directors.

Who is it aimed at?

Mainly men interested in movies and TV

Age of audience

The average Empire reader is between 15-30 years old

level of knowledge 

Medium knowledge, most issues have in depth articles which some people may not understand the terminology used.


Why someone would choose it

Less of a focus on personal fitness and body improvement than a magazine such as Men’s Health, and with more of a focus on how technology fits into the world of sports.

What type of magazine is it?

Consumer, looks at products, gadgets and apps available to the everyday public.

Who is it aimed at

Men who are interested in sports and fitness technology

Age of audience

18 – 40s

Level of knowledge

Medium, Not much specialised terminology will be used meaning people who dont know a lot about sports will find the magazine accessible. But people who already have a good understanding of the sporting world will still be interested.


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