Curation Relection

I am pretty happy with the amount of information I managed to gather following the Thought Bubble Festival. There were quite a lot of tweets from the festival organisers as well as the public, all showing how they had a great time and photos showing what they bought.

I did have a few problems with using Storify. The major problem was my own fault, I arranged posts one on top of the other, instead of each one below the last, I didn’t really think about this until I had finished my curation and I now reaslise that this would drastically effect anybody reading it as they wouldn’t understand that what they see when they first click on it is the last posts of my curations, and not my first.

I also found it very difficult to find articles or photos that came up on the first page when I did a normal google search, but when using the google search option in Storify, they were nowhere to be seen. This annoyed me as I knew these would be great additions to my curation but I couldn’t find  way to put them in.

I think Storify is a brilliant website and is definitely useful, but whenever I seemed to use it, it seemed to put my text in the wrong place, or what I was dragging over would not add to my curation. I’m not sure if these a problems that other people have when using Storify or if it was just my experience and i am in no way trying to make excuses.

If I were to do this curation again I would research stories that other people have put on there, and look at their layout, the amount of text vs the amount of images, the sources of the information. I went into this with a pretty clear idea of what i wanted to show but no real idea of how I was going to lay it all out, and I think that that reflects in my story.


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