Search Engine Optimisation

Find popular keywords

  • When writing about a specific topic, you can research popular keywords that people online use to search for that topic.
  • A good way to do this is using google adwords keyword too

Use keywords naturally in your copy

  • People used to practice something called keyword stuffing – repeating keywords over and over, sometimes with invisible text. Google is now wise to this.
  • Once you have a list of keywords, try to use them naturally in your copy.

Use a thesaurus 

  • Find different ways to say the same things or refer to the same topic.
  • Again make sure it looks natural.

Use keywords in headlines

  • In the title field in the CMS editor screen, use keywords in your headline.

Use keywords in the post or pages web address

  • On the headline automatically becomes the file name of the page, and this will help the SEO too.

Sign up for Google Analytics 

  • This is a tool that tracks how visitors get to your website, what pages are most popular, and how long people stay on your website.

Add internal links

Internal links to similar content in your site will help search engines ‘spider’ your site and find content. A few ways you can do this:

  • Add links to existing entries in the body copy of posts.
  • Have a list of top posts in the sidebar.
  • Have a read this now section at the end of a post.

Use social media

  • Google uses the number of good quality links back to your page to determined how high your post appears in search engine results.

Make Good work

  • The best search engine optimisation is to create compelling copy and content that people want to read.

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