Week 5 Reflection

This week we looked at formulating a grid to make the process of designing a layout easier, not to mention looking more professional and organised.
I found using the grid very helpful in understanding where things should go on my page, it helps you keep everything in proportion and forces you to edit your body copy so it fits.
These are the basic points in understanding why a grid works:
Formulating a grid
  • The first element of any magazine design is to formulate the grid
  • Helps define what goes where on the page
  • Can be implausibly simple or complex
  • Can give you design flexibility or restraint

Why grids

  • Makes layout easier
  • Makes content easy to locate
  • Helps keep desin consistant
  • Creates bran identity
  • Looks good

Break the grid

  • Stop things looking boring
  • Bring back creativity
  • Add dynamism
  • Add emphasis

Break the gird with what?

  • Headlines
  • Boxouts
  • Photo
  • Call outs
  • Diagrams

Heres an example of a typical article I made following the lines of the grid:

And without the grid…


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