Thought Bubble Art Festival Live Blogging Pitch

Comic Art

I have decided to live blog the ‘Thought Bubble Festival

‘The Thought Bubble Festival is the UK’s largest event of its kind – an annual celebration of sequential art in all its forms, including everything from comics to animation, and beyond. We run a programme of friendly, welcoming events each year, designed to be as accessible to the general public as possible.”

Artist: Paolo Rivera


I intend to interview members of the public who have also attended as well as short interviews with the guest artists.

Here is a full list of the artists that will be attending.

I will limit the equipment i will use to the following:

  • iPhone, for short text updates, audio recording and images (I can also use as a portable wifi hotspot to connect other devices to)
  • iPad for longer text updates
  • Canon 550D for better quality images and video/interview recording
  • Headphones


  • Dictaphone
  • Laptop

I do not want to be carrying a large amount of equipment with me so I will only take what is completely necessary so I can move around freely and quickly.

As for uploading images I have a camera connection kit that I can connect my DSLR to my iPad.

The Plan:

Getting there:

Here is a map of the location of the festival (click to enlarge)











I have chosen the Royal Armories hall venue as it is the easiest to get to and I am familiar with the area.

  • 10:0 am –5:00 pm
  • 17th – 18th Novemver 2012

I shall purchass a ticket for the second day of the convention from the following link


  • I can get a bus 5 minutes walk from my house to Leeds Bus Station, then its a 15 minute walk to The Royal Armouries.

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