Digital Journalism

Live Blogging

What is Live Blogging?

Examples of Live Blogging:

Example of BBC’s Live Blog


  • Instantaneous
  • Tells an unfolding story as it happens
  • Enables journalists to link to other coverage whether broadcast, online or social media
  • Audiences can respond in comments – and journalists can respond back!


  • No ”inverted pyramid”
  • If there is no defined timescale, live blogs can get very long
  • Difficult to corroborate information

Choosing an event:

When reporting live it helps to:

  • Have a clear beginning, middle and end
  • Have an event with a clear time scale
  • Make sure your equipment will work and that you’ll have access to it
  • Don’t be too ambitious the first time

Plan Ahead:

  • Research the event you are covering
  • Choose your sources. they can be organisers or participants. arrange to speak ti them.
  • Follow key people on Twitter, Instagram and other social media – so you can reblog/tweet
  • Record interviews
  • Take photos in advance
  • Gather all data into a place where its easy to find (tools like Dropbox and iCloud come in handy here)
  • Test your equipment and connectivity (is there signal on your phone/Wifi? hotspots you can use?)


  • Smart phone
  • Camera
  • Tablet


  • Laptop
  • Dictaphone
  • External mic
  • Headphones


Text –

The hardest thing to do on a smartphone is type… so your updates will need to be short, descriptive and tightly edited. give yourse;f a 50 word upper limit


your own video and clips from around the web


Soundbites, interviews and so on


Again, your images and those of others


Other people’s insights into the unfolding events. Start or join a hashtag to pull in comments


Work well with Twitter:

  • Tweetbot
  • Moniter
  • The Archivist
  • Dropbox
  • Tumblebee

Live Blogging Services:

So there you have it! A (very) rough guide on how to stage your own live blogging session.

Karl’s words of wisdom: ”To plan a live blog is to avoid disaster”


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