Week Two reflection

We’ve been looking at the differences between portrait and fashion photography.

Most of the time a portrait of somebody will contain visual clues as to that persons personality, whether this be facial expressions, clothing, props or locaion of the photograph

Take, for instance, this portrait of Ricky Gervais (left) by Esqurie Magazine is a reference to the image they used in 1968 of Mohammad Ali (right)











think this is a brilliant portrait of Ricky Gervais because it clearly displays his comical personality.

Fashion photography however puts more of an emphasis on the clothes that the subject is wearing, the model usually has a blank expression and isn’t conveying much emotion

These images of Kate Moss display this well, there is little emotion shown in these images, her face is mostly covered by hair, which makes any personal connection with the audience difficult, the viewer’s eyes are drawn instead to the clothes she is wearing.


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