Lighting Assignment

For this assignment you are asked to use one model and one outfit to produce to images:  A portrait and a fashion shot.  These pictures can be either both studio shots or both location shots and must incorporate studio flash.

You will need to decide how the two genres of photography differ from each other and how you have to work with your model to produce the photographs.  You will also be assessed on how well you have coped with the lighting and if you have developed a styling theme.

What is a portrait?

A portrait is the questioning or exploration of identity through a literal representation of what somebody looks like.

The paradox is that the inner workings of the complex human psyche can never really be understood by just looking at a picture.

Furthermore, the viewer of the photograph then adds his or her experience to it to create another version of it’s meaning.

Susan Bright Art PhotographyNow2005

How do we read a portrait?

Traditionally portraits have used clues or props to tell the viewer more about the sitter’s personality and to give the sitter a context in which to be understood.


– Susan Bright Art Photography Now 2005

What is not real?

The belief in a personal essence or soul, so deeply rooted in the tradition of painted portraiture, and carried over to photographs.

– Susan Bright  Art Photography Now 2005


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