Camera Control

So you’ve spent your hard earned money one a brand spanking new dslr, but how the devil do you work it?

Never fear, camera control is here.

Principle of Photography
Camera lens directs and focuses light onto light sensitive material – CCD
Manual Camera Control
  • Shutter – controls length of exposure = amount of light entering
  • Aperture – controlled by Iris system = amount of light entering also controls depth of field


The aperture is the measurement of the light that passes through the lens. It is adjusted by a series of F-numbers:

F2  2.8  4  5.6  8  11  16  22

Each number halves the amount of light passing through the lens.  The low numbers let in the most amount of light.

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed is the amount of time that the camera exposes the sensor to the light.  The usual range of shutter speeds is:

1 1/2 1/4 1/8 1/15 1/30 1/60 1/125 1/250 1/500

Each setting halves the amount of light that the sensor sees.




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