Visual Communication relection

In our first visual communication session we talked about targeting a specific demographic for a particular magazine.

We were tasked to create 2 magazines, one tailored for women and one for men .Our group chose to create a magazine named ‘Mum and Baby’ aimed at new mothers with children between the age of 0-2. It would discuss issues and problems related to having children such as paternity leave and advice for first time mums.

For the male demographic we chose to tailor it to the more wealthy businessman. It would include reviews for restaurants, bars and 5 star hotels, things that traveling businessmen with a high disposable income would be interested in.

Our new tutor Chris explained what tends to work with such demographics. For instance when a scantily clad woman was removed from a popular mens gadget magazine, sales fell by almost 75%. It might sound stereotypical but it works.


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