Austerity Slideshow

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In the UK cuts to pensions are meaning that more elderly people are struggling to cope financially and somebody who is being effected by this is my grandfather. I wanted to photograph him in his home showing how he is coping with day to day life and how the cuts to pensions are effecting him, all whilst living alone.

After choosing the shots I wanted to tell the story with, I edited them in Photoshop. As you can see they are all black and white, I did this because I wanted to represent a bleak situation and I thought the best way of doing this was to use as little colour as possible.

  •  The first photograph in my series is of my grandfather taking his medication. I wanted this to represent the large amount of elderly people living alone in the UK who suffer from health issues.
  • 2) The second image in my shoot is of the food that was in my grandfathers fridge, as you can see there is little fresh food, and he often has to rely on family members to go shopping for him as he is no longer able to make the trip himself
  • 3) I took this photograph as my grandfather was walking down the corridor, I wanted him to be almost a silhouette against the brighter wall in front of him, I did this to draw attention to the photograph on the wall in front of him taken a number of years ago. To make my grandfather figure dark and the rest of the photo light I used different layers in photoshop and then used a layer mask to ‘paint’ back the light photograph on the wall.
  • 4) As the previous image suggests my grandfather now lives alone. I wanted these photographs to let the audience emotionally understand my grandfathers life and the loss of my grandmother has effected how he deals with such issues as finances. I photographed his bed because the objects on the bedside table show the connection he still has with my grandmother.
  • 5) I took this as my grandfather was watching the news. This image is similar to the previous two as, by focusing on the empty chair beside him, I wanted the audience to understand that my grandfather is mainly dealing with these problems by himself.
  • 6) I think out of all my photographs, this one mostly resembles other photographers images when documenting the problems with the elderly being able to afford heating in cold weather.
  • 7) This is the first image that shows my grandfather with another person. I took this photograph to show that he relies on family to help him deal with his finances and I think that this too reflects a large part of the elderly.
  • 8 and 9) I have grouped these two photographs together as they were both taken as my grandfather was waiting to be taken to a hospital appointment. I chose the 9th image in my series to be my last because I think this portrait shows how my grandfather feels about his situation.

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