Respecting Copyright Law

When we use secondary sources in professional journalism – online or off – we must respect copyright law.

Copyright is a form of legal protection that is automatically assigned to content creators at the moment of creation.

Content may be:

  • Photographs
  • video
  • Audio

Copyright gives the creator the following rights:

  • claim authorship
  • distribute work
  • reproduce the work
  • create new work based on the original

The copyright holder can offer or sell these rights to other people

If anybody uses copyrighted work without permission in any of the way above – they are breaking copyright law.


The internet and copyright

many people believe that if something is published on the internet it is not subject to copyright law. This is untrue.


Fair dealing

The term fair dealin refers to circumstances where some limited use of copyright material is allowed . these include:

  • research and private study
  • criticism or reveiw
  • news reporting
  • incidental inclusion

In all these casesĀ sources must be referenced.


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