Editing Final Shoot

I had a specific style of photograph in my head when I was taking these photographs, I wanted them to be in black and white to resemble the bleak circumstances that I was attempting to document.

The inspiration for editing my photographs this way came from the images on the help the ages posters I saw during my research:












I didn’t want my photographs to be overly edited as I was photographing a very real and serious subject and did not want to distract the audience away from this subject by having heavily edited images.

I edited nearly all of my photographs in a very similar way

  • After loading my images into Photoshop the first thing I did was to go to Image, Adjustments, black and white, and move the sliders to achieve the desired effect











I then wanted to increase the contrast between the lighter and darker parts of the photogrphs, to do this I went to image, adjustments, brightness and contrast and increased the contrast slider slightly.



For one image in particular I wanted to draw attention to the photograph over his left shoulder.








To do this I had to keep this part of the photograph bright, whist making the rest of the photograph darker. I felt most comfortable using a layer mask to do this.







Here I duplicated my original layer, then brightened the photograph until I was pleased with how the photograph over his shoulder looked.

After this I then used the white and black brush tools to paint the darker image back around the photograph

  • For the final shot in my series I wanted the facial details such as wrinkles and hair to be prominent. I achieved this by using the high pass filter.

I first did the same editing techniques as the previous images, using the black and white sliders and contrast, after this I duplicated the original layer and then added the high pass filter to this layer.





I have slid the bar so that the details on the face and hands are clear, but not so much that it effects the rest of the photograph much

It is important not to slide the bar over too much as this will result in a very cartoonish effect, similar to the over use of HDR.

After clicking okay I then overlay the layers.

However this effect makes the hat too, and as I only want this effect on the skin I used the same layer mask technique as I have shown before to bring back the original image to areas I do not want the high pass effect on.

The final editing I did to all of my images was the smart sharpen tool.


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