For my portrait shoot I wanted to research how other photographers approached portraiture. What I found was that High Dynamic Range photography is very popular with this form of photography. This is because the use of HDR can highlight details, especially skin and hair and creates quite a unique image. One photographer I looked at was Joel Grimes, whose work can be seen here.


I had produced a little HDR photography before so I had a reasonable good idea as to how extensively my shots would be edited.

First Portrait – Somebody I Know.

I wanted both of the images to focus on the face of the person, even though I have seen many photographers include the whole body into portraiture.

Here is my HDR portrait of Arange.















I wanted my photo to capture his happy and relaxed personality. I think with the image being tightly cropped around his face you are focused on the smile.

Second Portrait – Somebody I Don’t Know

I took this photograph of somebody I met whilst on a photo shoot with my brother, he was interested in what we were doing and seemed quite friendly (to  say he was talking to two guys stood over a motorway quite late at night).






















Again I have tried to draw attention to his face but this image is not at tightly cropped as my first, this was mainly due to us being stood above him and my lens was at full extent.

I have used the same amount of HDR editing as my first photograph, which I think has worked well highlighting the eyes and the fur on the hat.


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