Dale Farm Evictions – both sides of the story

The residents of traveler site Dale Farm put up a fight against being evicted from their homes that most had lived in for many years. Main outlets of media such as BBC News reported the eviction in a certain way most of the images being released were similar to the one here.

A resident of Dale Farm kicks a burning fence during the protest

The image shows a resident of Dale Farm kicking a fence that has been set alight by fellow protesters. Images like these showed how the residents were turning the protest  violent, whilst there obviously is truth is this, residents were indeed acting violently, they were not the only ones.

The image above was published on several blogs and shows police breaking through fences set up by the protesting crowd and firing their tasers at the protesters. This is one of several taken at this moment and it does not seem from the image like the police were in immediate danger and the use of a taser seems a step too far. Obviously we can not see the entire story here so it is difficult to determine if an act such as this was justified or not. This image was not shown by outlets such as the BBC during the coverage of the protest, the only place I saw this image was on blogs published by people not associated with mainstream media.


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