Task 4 – Report Writing

What I need to research:

A photographer of the decade

An artist of the decade

Key events during the decade

The Decade I have chosen is the 1960’s, I chose this decade because I think some of the most important and widely recognised photojournalism and revolutions in both the art world and society took place in this time period.

The photographer I have chosen to research is Don McCullin, this is because he is one of the most recognised photojournalists in history. I shall search for newspaper articles, photography magazines and interviews from the time period. These will be available on the internet but I also have his autobiography that gives a fascinating account of his personal experiences during the 1960’s.

I shall do similar research for Andy Warhol, who like Don McCullin is one of the most popular artists of the modern era. His Work in the 1960’s stood out from the rest fashionable abstract art of the time and delivered representations of society and his views on certain subjects.

As for researching  about society during this decade I shall both use the internet to find credible sources by people who experiences the 60’s themselves and also by asking people I know about their memories of the time. I think the first hand experiences I will hear will help me most because It will be interesting to see if what I am told fits with what I am finding during my online research.

I think that there is no limit to the amount of research I can do as the more information I have, the more detailed my presentation will be.  I want to be able to give a factual and interesting presentation on my subject and this can only be achieved with thorough research.

I shall try to arrange my research so when I come to add it to my presentation I can group different sources together that suit each other. Obviously the more I order my research the more I will find it easy to group together later on in the module.

I want to use both online and book research during this project, I shall use library in university to do this, as there is an online database that will direct me to books and articles that will be useful to my research.  If I do find any book or article I find useful I shall take a quote and Harvard reference the book to make sure I can document it fully later.


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