Task 3 – Reflective Writing

Perhaps the main thing I have realized during this module is that I need on organizing my time effectively and create a plan of what I am going to do, in this instance I wish I had first thought about what aspects of the decade of my choice to research, as I think I limited what I was researching at first. I was tending to only find information about subjects that relate to the photography, if I had broadened my research at the beginning I think I would have found it much easier to gain a good amount of information about the decade.

What I have found very useful during this module are the online tools I used for research, this included Nexis, a newspaper database that I used to find out what was making the headlines during the 1960’s. I think without the use of Nexis I would have found that research difficult to come by. Even with more modern articles and newspapers that I found on the subject contained useful information, they were not as detailed as the newspapers from the time, this is because you are reading about the events as they were happening, getting peoples then current viewpoint, and not the one that they had over 50 years later.

By asking parents and older members of my family I have been able to have a better idea of the events that happened during my chosen decade, without this help I wouldn’t of had such a clear idea of what event had such a vast range of different opinions surrounding it.

It was this advice I found most helpful during my research, hearing first account of what it was like in the 1960’s gives you a good insight as to general public’s viewpoint on the subject.

The main source of my research has been online; this is because of the vast amount of websites I found that give credible information on past events. I do however wish I had found more offline material I could use.

I think this module has helped me work on my organization skills and I taught me that starting work early is the best way of keeping yourself up to date with the course.

A skill have developed during this module is to try to think about an things from different perspectives than my own, as this will mean I will able to accurately represent a somebody else’s opinion in a photograph.  I have found it interesting to discover how different people reacted to the same things

I think these skills will prove to be invaluable during the rest of my time at university and especially after when I will have less help from other people, finding out new ways to research and plan effectively will help me to have a professional career once I leave university.

I am determined to organize my time more efficiently in future, I shall make sure I plan my work which will give me a better idea of how I can make the most of the time I have to complete any assignments I have been given.


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