I thought I could get some great shots from the Christmas German Market. With the stalls all laid out I was planning on taking photographs looking across the stalls and using varying aperture settings to pick out certain parts of the stall. I checked on the Internet when the German market opened and decided to go on the first day.


I think the shoot went very well, I managed to get the shots I had originally had in mind along with other more spontaneous shots of people there. Something I found challenging during the shoot was thinking how I could position myself towards my subject to make the most out of using different aperture settings on my camera.

My favorite shot from this shoot is the woman at the hat stall.

What I wish I had done differently:

I wish I had used my tripod more in the earlier stages of my shoot as some of the images are are effected by blur, this is because I had to take longer exposures than I had intended due to the dark surroundings. I also wish I had taken more care with focusing on my subject in some of my photographs. Some of my final chosen images would look a lot better if they were perfectly in focus.

Tropical World 


At first I had planned on basing this shoot on shutter speed, but while I was there I realised that the shots I was taking were much better belonging to the use of lenses instead, as I was using my telephoto zoom lens to really get in close, especially with the meerkats and the butterflies. I had researched what animals would be there so I knew what sort of shots I could get.

I was really looking forward to going to tropical world, it was the first time I had been to a place like this and I was eager to get some photographs of the tropical section where you walk through the ‘jungle’ environment. The challenge here was using the correct shutter speed with the dark surroundings. I found the twilight zone almost impossible to photograph, the only shots that weren’t too dark were too blurry so none of these made it into my chosen images from the shoot. My favourite photograph from this shoot is the one of the crocodile’s eyes.

What I wish I had done differently:

Again the use of a tripod would of meant that I would of been able to get some shots whilst in the twilight zone, the lack of light made it hard to take a correctly exposed image while holding the camera steady enough.

Urban Landscape


Urban photography is something that I enjoy doing in my spare time, so I had quite a good idea of what I wanted to photograph. I wanted to show the more down run places in Leeds rather than the city centre buildings. I had not done much photography of leeds before hand so I explored areas away from the city centre looking for good places to photograph.


For this shoot I left my flat at around 6 in the morning, in hopes of capturing dark skies in some of these places, while not being there too late in the day. The special techniques I used in this shoot were panoramic photography and High Dynamic Range. My favourite photograph from this shoot is the 3 image panorama of the canal.

What I wish I had done differently:

I wish I had gone further to the extremes of the techniques I used, the highest number of photographs I put together to form a panoramic was four images, which If I had found a good location to do a panoramic of the city landscape, I could of put together five or six images.



My first Halloween shoot was at Kirkstall Abbey not far from my flat, I went with the intention of photographing the Abbey when the flood lights came on, but when I was there I was told that It was shutting early and this would not be possible.


Originally I had around ten to fifteen images I wanted to include in my final choices for this shoot, but unfortunately the photographs were corrupted on my hardrive forcing me to redo the shoot. I redid the shots that I liked most from the shoots but I think I rushed it too much and I think that shows in the amount of photographs I managed to take.

I wanted to take photographs that looked like they belonged in a spooky film. Films like Dracula with the exterior shots of the castle with stormy skies above is what I think of if I had to visualise Halloween.

The two photograph I like most from this shoot are the black and white exterior shots of the Abbey, I think the lack of colour adds to the conventional horror aspect of places like these,  as if they are from an old horror movie.

What I wish I had done differently:

I wish I had more photographs at the end of my second shoot, This could of been achieved  if I had taken more care to create a backup of my work, something which I will make sure I do in the future.




For this shoot I wanted to do something different to my other shoots, I decided that I woul first take an exposure of areas of Leeds that have a lot of moving light in it, then I would take another exposure of 30 seconds and put these side by side to show how a longer shutter speed can change a photograph. I had a few ideas of places that woulgive a good view of moving traffic where it would be dark enough to do a 30 second exposure.


I think the shoot went well, I liked how the long exposure could add a lot more drama to the picture and make the colours more intense. For the original exposure I used the automatic setting on my camera then for the 30 second exposure I used my tripod and the remote shutter release to ensure a steay exposure.

What I wish I did differently:

If I had a neutral density filter I would of been able to take long exposures during the day when there would be more traffic, this would mean I would of been able to create much more dramatic light trails.


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