What Makes A Good Photojournalist?

What do you think that the profession of photojournalists involves? What personal qualities and skill are required?

What are freedoms and restraints that a photojournalist encounters whilst at work?

Good examples of photojournalism

Negatives examples of photojournalism

”There is a lot of calculated malice and shoddy workmanship in the history of journalism . But there is a lot that is heroic though” – David Randall the universal journalist 2007

  • Discover
  • Resist
  • Inform
  • Scrutinise
  • Provide
  • Mirror
  • Promote

In the positive sense of knowing what makes a good story and the ability to find the news point in the mass of dross… In the negative sense of not wasting time pursuing stories that will never amount to much. – David Randall the universal journalist 2007

  • Instinct
  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Determination
  • Resourceful
  • Curiosity
  • Professionalism and team work
  • Empathy

Anger in a sense should constantly inspire journalists, informing their judgements about subjects to be tackled

Never be afraid to look stupid.


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