Photographic Techniques – Aperture

The higher the F stop number the smaller the aperture.

F= focal length

Why would we want to controll aperture?

  • To controll amount of light
  • To control the depth of field

What affects depth of field?

  • The aperture
  • The focal length of the lens
  • The distance between you and the subject

How can we use depth of field?

  • Storytelling aperture (wide) to show all elements in the scene
  • Single theme aperture (shallow) to draw attention to a specific part of the scene
  • Critical aperture (where the image is at its sharpest) usually at f/8 or f/11
Take a series of photos which make use of a range of aperture settings (wdie and shallow depth of field) these should be based on the theme ‘Markets
Should be between 10 to 15 images in your portfolio. supported by your reflective journal.

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